About Us

Learn why clients choose TrueAIR for their private aviation needs and beyond

TrueAIR Values

Integrity | Knowledge | Commitment – The fundamental values on which TrueAIR was built. These are the three factors driving daily business decisions and development projects. We strive to earn clients’ trust, building long term relationships by offering fair transparent pricing with an unmatched level of service.

Operating with integrity is key to facilitating the best relationships with our clients. In our eyes each and every client is special and very significant.

TrueAIR takes pride in being knowledgable on various aspects of the private aviation industry. We are experts in dealing with the fast paced and constantly changing global travel intricacies, so you do not have to be.

We separate ourselves from competitors by our tireless and unrelenting effort to deliver a service and product that is the undisputed best. Anytime, any place, any plane, no matter the request, we will deliver.


TrueAIR Timeline

The Founding of TrueAIR

TrueAIR began advising a few select clients with aircraft charters and management. These clients spread the word of TrueAIR’s bespoke service and competitive pricing, fueling explosive growth as we entered into additional markets including aircraft sales and consulting.

Aircraft Management

TrueAIR is proud to manage aircraft from the light, medium and heavy jet categories. In response to our clients’ needs, the current primary focus is on heavy jets and ultra long range jets.

2020 & Beyond

Always adapting to changes in the aviation industry to fulfill the needs of our clients and constantly improve our service. This relentless focus on improving our service while maintaining integrity separates TrueAIR from competitors.

Flying With TrueAIR

Chartering with TrueAIR is a smooth experience because we are professionals serving professionals, since 2016. Taking care of all our clients and fulfilling every requests is what we strive for each trip.

We can help prepare or organize any trip you may need. Contact us today for an upcoming charter or ASAP request. Let us handle everything for you so you can focus on what’s important.

The TrueAIR Team

| Truett Davis |

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

TrueAIR is led by Founder and CEO, Truett Davis. Truett has a degree from the University of Southern California in economics and a minor in accounting. He has 10+ years of experience in the aviation industry. At an early age, Truett became fascinated with the private jet and luxury travel industry. This grew into a passion which eventually led him to accepting a management position with Boutique Air, a start up airline based in San Francisco. From his start at the early stages of Boutique Air, he gained skills in operations, business development, security, consulting, charters, sales, and finance. During his involvement with Boutique Air, the company grew from only a hand full of employees to over 500 in 20+ airports. As Director of Security, Truett created the TSA mandated airline security program and managed the airline’s compliance. Truett used his passion, experience, and network to start TrueAIR.

| Taylor Carmona |

Director of Business Development

Taylor joined TrueAIR in 2019 as Director of Business Development. Taylor also received his degree from the University of Southern California, and studied at the University of Cambridge for a summer. Everyday, he oversees daily business operations and growth/expansion projects for the company. A top priority is ensuring client charters and trips are set for perfection. This starts upon a clients trip request by seeking for the best aircraft options from his network of contacts, to confirming special requests, catering in the air, or ground transportation on arrival. Developing and implementing new systems for company advancement is another core focus of his. With each new responsibility encountered, he seeks solutions for novel problems presented.