Cessna Citation CJ4

Since 1991, over 7,500 Cessna Citation’s have been produced with about 97% still in service. The successor in the CJ4 is at the forefront of its class offering similar comfort to a midsize jet, yet operating in its economical light jet class. Experience its improved cabin, range, speed, and single pilot versatility for yourself.

Cessna Citation CJ4 Specifications
Seats 6-10 
Bagagge Capacity 77.1 cu ft    
Maximum Speed 518 mph     
Maximum Range ~2,165 nm    
Interior Width 4.8 ft
Interior Height 4.59 ft  



Range Map From Los Angeles

This example shows the Citation CJ4’s range with 6 pax (1200lbs), and two pilots under normal or optimal flying conditions.



Full Range Map

Visit the manufacture’s site here for a specific range map from your location. Input number of pax, pilots, and compare different aircraft.

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