Empty Legs

An empty flight, or an empty leg, is a private jet flying without passengers. This happens when an aircraft is booked one way and drops off passengers at their destination. Then it must return to its home base or next airport for passenger pickup.

Why Fly Empty Legs?

Empty legs are the best way to save on costs because they are heavily discounted. TrueAIR takes pride in finding available empty legs and passing on the savings to the client. Continually practicing this since we were established is how we have maintained and grown our loyal client base.

We automatically search for empty legs for any flight request to ensure the most competitive quote. Ask us to quote your next trip and see for yourself.

  • Significant Savings – Subject to 50% off or more compared to a regular charter
  • Aircraft – All private aircraft are subject to Empty Legs
  • Trips on a Budget –  Ask for quotes on Empty Legs only
  • Time – Be aware Empty Legs book fast and are not always available

Empty Leg Alerts

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