Cessna Citation Bravo

The Citation brand encompasses six distinct families of aircraft. The Bravo came from the Citation II family. As the successor to the Citation II, the Bravo features more powerful and more fuel-efficient PW530A engines, resulting in a higher MGTOW, a faster cruise speed and longer range.

The cabin volume for the Citation Bravo is 278 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 9 passenger and 2 crew seats. The Citation Bravo Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is 14,800 pounds (6,713 kg) with a maximum range of 1,740 nm.

Category Light Jet 
Seating Capacity
Interior Dimensions H 4.8″ W 4.7″ L 15.75″
Baggage Capacity 74 cu ft
Maximum Speed 466 MPH
Maximum Range ~1,290 NM
Years Produced 1997 – 2006

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