Cessna Citation CJ2

The CJ2+ is the fifth generation of the popular Citation Jet series, a class of private jets designed to be both economical and high-performing. Business travelers like the idea of a private jet that performs economically without sacrificing performance or reliability. The CJ2 was arguably the most popular member of the Citation series, and the CJ2+ is the new, improved version, offering lower fuel burn, longer range, and a larger cabin.

Its larger payload gives it a range of 1,480 nm while carrying four passengers, while at the same time traveling 30 knots faster than the CJ1. The interior design includes six passenger seats, extra soundproofing, and three baggage compartments that allow for 1,100 pounds of luggage.

Category Light Jet 
Seating Capacity 6
Interior Dimensions H 4.75″ W 4.83″ L 13.8″
Baggage Capacity 65 cu ft
Maximum Speed 475 MPH
Maximum Range ~1,194 NM
Years Produced 2005 – 2015

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