Bombardier Learjet 31A

The Learjet 31A can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing to its cruise level in just 28 minutes — way beyond the capabilities of any competing light private jet. It has great runway performance and a low fuel burn, making it a great candidate for efficient, fast private jet travel. The Learjet 31A has excellent in-flight performance. Its rapid acceleration and rapid response capabilities make it a favorite among pilots. This jet is known for its smooth flights and good performance even outside the recommended flight envelope.

The cabin has a floor level cabin width of 0.9m and can seat up to seven passengers. The cabin is fitted with a club-style three-seater divan and four Erda adjustable seats and folding tables. There is 1.13m³ of baggage space and an external baggage locker is available which increases the total baggage capacity to 1.47m³.

Category Light Jet 
Seating Capacity 6-7
Interior Dimensions H 4.35′ W 4.95′ L 12.9′
Baggage Capacity 40 cu ft
Maximum Speed 507 MPH
Maximum Range ~1,211 NM
Years Produced 1991 – 2003

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