Nextant Aerospace 400XTi

The Nextant 400XTi is one of the fastest aircraft in the sky, getting you to your destination quicker than anything else in this cabin size. And it goes further, with an operational radius that puts whole new territories within reach. Fully equipped to support high-value users, its data and communications systems ensure maximum productivity at all times.

The aircraft has a 460 knot (850 kilometers per hour) cruising speed and a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) IFR range of 2,005 nautical miles (3,713 kilometers) with four passengers.[7] Compared to the Beechcraft 400A, the upgrade increases range by 50 percent, improves fuel efficiency by 32 percent,[8] reduces climb times by one-third and reduces operating costs by 29 percent.

Category Light Jet 
Seating Capacity
Interior Dimensions H 4.75″ W 4.92″ L 15.5″
Baggage Capacity 56 cu ft
Maximum Speed 1,527 NM
Years Produced 2004 – 2010

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