Embraer Phenom 100EV

In a class of entry-level jets, the Phenom 100EV stands out. With enviable thrust, taking off on short runways and climbing over the weather to 41,000 ft is standard course, while intuitive avionics and an elegant cabin bathed in natural light make flying an inspiration. And for executives who enjoy piloting themselves, the Phenom 100EV is the most complete entry-level light jet. Boasting unparalleled performance, turboprop-grade efficiency, enhanced safety and beauty, it’s sure to attract a crowd.

The Phenom 100 series’ Available Payload with Maximum Fuel ranges between 580 to 602lbs, all of which are slightly more than offered by the HondaJet (556lbs). The Phenom 100 series has a shorter cabin (11ft) compared to the HondaJet (12.1ft), and therefore a slightly smaller overall cabin volume (280cu ft) compared to the HondaJet (282cu ft). The Phenom 100 does offer greater baggage space. The Phenom 100 series offers 10cu ft of internal and 60cu ft external baggage space, while the HondaJet has no internal, but 66cu ft external baggage space.

Category Light Jet 
Seating Capacity 4-5
Interior Dimensions H 4.94″ W 5.08″ L 11″
Baggage Capacity 70 cu ft
Maximum Speed 383 MPH
Maximum Range ~1,178 NM
Years Produced 2016 –

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