Any Aircraft Anytime Anyplace

TrueAIR provides clients access to thousands of planes all over the world. Many of these aircraft are not available to the public. We ensure each aircraft and flight crew pass the highest of safety standards. Should you need an aircraft at the last minute, our global reach will ensure you have an aircraft within hours of your request.

Ancillary Services

TrueAIR handles all of your ground transportation and catering needs. We provide security and special ground handling / escort services all over the world ensuring you are safe in the air and on the ground. Should you need restaurant, hotel or full vacation suggestions, TrueAIR’s Concierge Team will work tirelessly to deliver a perfect experience – no matter what the request.

TrueAIR Membership Program

Guaranteed Pricing

Transparency is rather foreign to the charter world. We change that by providing you guaranteed pricing by aircraft category. While we may find you an empty leg or one way deal and offer you the trip for less, you will never pay more than your guaranteed hourly amount.

Safety and Security

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

All Around the Globe

Any aircraft. Anywhere in the world. Anytime you need. Should you need assistance with last minute permits and handling, TrueAIR has actual experience and partners on every content.

Experienced Crew

Rest assured that any pilot flying a TrueAir flight meets the most stringent safety and experience requirements. We audit every pilot on every flight to ensure they meet the highest level of excellence.

Modern Aircraft

TrueAIR takes pride in delivering only the best aircraft to clients. While many competitors will put their clients on older less safe aircraft just to make an extra buck. TrueAIR strives to build long term partnerships with clients by providing top notch aircraft and never sacrificing safety or quality for profit.

Fast and Affordable

Booking a flight at anytime is a simple and efficient process. TrueAIR becomes intimate with each and every client’s needs and requests. For the budget focussed client we will provide price comparisons to our competitors.  Should you ever find a better price from a competitor, we will match if not beat that price.

Safety & Luxury

All Around the Globe

Discover the TrueAir difference and understand why we are a company which empowers our customers to have the utmost control over their luxury travel.

TrueAir requires all operators to meet the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulated safety standards. We audit to ensure aircraft have a certificate of airworthiness, current insurance and are keeping up with required maintenance.

At TrueAir, our crew requirements regarding total time flown in an aircraft reflect those of well-recognized industry benchmarks. We require certificate numbers, medical certificates and training records, to remain eligible for service.

TrueAir acts as an agent to its customers, and is not the operator of the aircraft. TrueAir sources options from various aircraft operators and presents a brief summary of the aircraft and operator.


From a 12 course meal with wine pairings, to an onboard bedroom and shower, your wish is our command.  We learn the preferences of our clients so that we may provide catering from their favorite restaurants. Should you need a bilingual flight crew, we are experienced with providing top notch service in many different languages.

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