Aircraft Sales

Which aircraft is best for you?

We work with each client to determine their individual needs and typical missions. We will look at every option available providing the pros and cons of each aircraft.


TrueAIR will forecast an aircraft operational budget based upon the client’s intended utilization. We will find an aircraft to fit within the acquisition and operational budget.

TrueAIR Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Analysis

When it comes to selecting an aircraft, every client has different needs and missions. TrueAIR will provide aircraft recommendations tailored to your specific preferences and mission requirements.

Discretion & Scrutiny

TrueAIR will search the aircraft market while always protecting your privacy. Negotiating on your behalf to achieve the best price as well as thorough inspections and delivery schedule.

Inspection Oversight

TrueAIR leaves no stone unturned regarding the maintenance of your potential aircraft. We work with the sellers to ensure each aircraft has thorough and complete Pre-Buy Inspection. Our global network of maintenance partners provide protection from buying an unsafe aircraft. We will only recommend aircraft once they have passed our intensive safety standards.

Finance & Tax Guidance

TrueAIR ensures each client is provided the best legal, financial and tax guidance regarding their aircraft. Many aircraft owners enjoy tax benefits, however these benefits constantly change. We ensure you are always prepared to take advantage of every benefit while remaining in compliance.

TrueAIR provides white glove Aircraft Management services. We will manage the flight crew, maintenance, and trip planning while offering you charter revenue when you are not using the plane.  As your Aircraft Management partner, simply call, text, or email the TrueAir team with when and where you want to go and we will handle the rest. Management reports are provided to clients monthly. This provides complete transparency offering a high level summary all the way down to receipts for each and every line item expense.