Global Private Aviation Services


    TrueAIR proudly raises the bar in private aviation, setting a new standard for luxury and corporate private aviation services.  We believe each and every trip is an opportunity to become your long term aviation partner.  Our goal is to earn clients’ trust ensuring they know we will deliver the best aircraft for the best price every time.

    TrueAIR provides assistance from the purchase planning phase, first analyzing which aircraft is best suited for the client’s needs. We remain by your side through the purchase process. While most in the industry focus only on selling an aircraft, TrueAIR remains your partner in managing your aircraft. When you are ready to sell your aircraft we will remain by your side, ensuring you get the price you deserve while delivering guidance and protection from liabilities.

TrueAIR Charter

Private Jet Charter

TrueAIR has the ability to provide aircraft anywhere in the world within a moments notice. Partnering with TrueAIR enables clients to maximize their time efficiency while traveling in ultimate comfort, luxury and safety. We provide aircraft charters to businesses, executives, politicians, families, athletes, entertainers and pets. Clients receive a customized experience tailored to their individual needs. We strive to anticipate your requests and needs before you have to ask. Such attention to detail drives nearly all of our clients to become repeat customers, who trust TrueAIR to deliver a white glove charter experience on every flight.


Why TrueAIR Charter?

Safety & Security

At the core of TrueAIR is a tireless pursuit of only the safest aircraft and pilots. We ensure each aircraft, operator, and flight crew are qualified above industry standards. Should our realtime safety auditing system detect a potential safety issue, the aircraft, crew or operator will be corrected or replaced by a suitable alternative. TrueAIR will never choose profit over safety.  We hold the responsibility for our clients’ safety above all.

Many of TrueAIR’s clients are leaders in business, politics, entertainment and sports. All clients are afforded security customized for high profile individuals and celebrities. From IT security infrastructure to keep your travel plans confidential, to vetted and trusted drivers / body guards, we take every precaution to ensure your confidentiality, security, safety and well being.




TrueAIR believes that managing one’s travel is a very serious responsibility.  From business executives examining a potential business opportunity, to friends taking time on an under the radar holiday, we will provide any level of discretion requested by the client. This includes departing and arriving into private hangars free from prying eyes and photographers.  TrueAIR places the highest level of importance on our clients’ confidentiality.  Our team always utilizes total discretion when communicating travel details.  TrueAIR’s IT security infrastructure, internal processes and procedures safeguard our client’s travel details. We become intimately familiar with each client’s needs and preferences, tailoring a customized level of discretion according to the needs of each client.

White Glove Service

When flying, TrueAIR clients experience only the highest level of service. From booking the trip to being chauffeured to/from the aircraft, we ensure perfection. This begins by a prescreening of anyone who will interact with TrueAIR clients. In certain cases, we provide our team members further specialized training to meet the clients’ needs. Flying private is expensive and TrueAIR ensures clients’ get their moneys worth.

Pricing Advantages

Over years of operations, TrueAIR has forged strong partnerships with aircraft owners and operators around the world. This allows clients access to aircraft and pricing competitors are unable to attain. Our clients enjoy discounts from the large volume of flights we book, providing more leverage for price negotiation.

Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should over pay!

The TrueAIR team treats each and every trip as if it is our own. We fight for every dollar of savings. Rest assured that you are not paying more than you should. Our team will provide solutions for every budget. TrueAIR will tailor every trip to your specific needs and preferences. We will arrange ground transportation from a Ferrari to an Uber and catering, from a fresh cooked meal by a Michelin star chef to take out from your favorite restaurant.

Fly TrueAIR

Come fly with us!

TrueAIR Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Analysis

When it comes to selecting an aircraft, every client has different needs and missions. TrueAIR will provide aircraft recommendations tailored to your specific preferences and mission requirements.

Discretion & Scrutiny

TrueAIR will search the aircraft market, negotiating on your behalf to achieve the best price and delivery schedule. We ensure thorough inspections while always protecting your privacy.

Inspection Oversight

TrueAIR leaves no stone unturned regarding the maintenance of your target aircraft. We work with the sellers to ensure each aircraft has thorough and complete Pre-Buy Inspection. Our global network of maintenance partners provide protection from buying an unsafe aircraft. We will only recommend aircraft once they have passed our intensive safety standards.

Finance & Tax Guidance

TrueAIR ensures each client is provided the best legal, financial and tax guidance regarding their aircraft. Many aircraft owners enjoy tax benefits; however, these benefits constantly change. Our experts ensure you are always prepared to take advantage of every benefit while remaining in IRS compliance.

TrueAIR Aircraft Management

TrueAIR provides white glove aircraft management services. We will manage the flight crew, maintenance, and trip planning while offering you charter revenue when you are not using the plane. As your aircraft management partner, simply call, text, or email the TrueAir team with when and where you want to go and we will handle the rest. Management reports are provided to clients monthly. These reports provide complete transparency offering a high level summary all the way down to receipts for each and every line item expense.

Why TrueAIR Aircraft Management?

  • Discounted Fuel Rates
  • Discounted Maintenance and Parts
  • Discounted Pilot Training
  • Charter Opportunities
  • Flight crew / department management
  • Accounting / Expense Review
  • Worldwide network of pilots, mechanics, and local ground handlers
  • Transparent reporting
  • International Handling
  • Tax planning

TrueAIR Membership Program

Guaranteed Pricing

Price fluctuations are quite common in the charter world. We change that by providing you guaranteed pricing by aircraft category. In certain instances we may find you an empty leg or one way deal for less; however, you will never pay more than your guaranteed hourly amount.

Safety and Security

Flying should be a pleasure and we’ll make your charter experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible. TrueAIR places the highest level of importance on our clients’ safety and security.  Our team always utilizes total discretion when communicating travel details.  TrueAIR’s IT security infrastructure, internal processes and procedures safeguard our client’s travel details. We become intimately familiar with each client’s needs and preferences, tailoring a customized level of discretion according to the needs of each client.

All Around the Globe

Any aircraft. Anywhere in the world. Anytime… Should you need assistance with last minute permits and handling, TrueAIR has experience and partners on every content.

Experienced Crew

Rest assured that any pilot flying a TrueAir flight meets the most stringent safety and experience requirements. We audit every pilot on every flight to ensure they meet the highest level of excellence.

Modern Aircraft

TrueAIR takes pride in delivering only the best aircraft to clients. While many competitors will put their clients on older, less safe aircraft just to make an extra buck, TrueAIR strives to build long term partnerships with clients by providing top notch aircraft. We never sacrifice safety or quality for profit.

Fast and Affordable

Booking a flight with TrueAIR is a simple and efficient process at anytime. We become highly familiar with every clients’ needs and requests. Should you ever find a better price from a competitor, we will do our best to match if not beat that price.